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Chasing work-life balance


With the first semester of Hybrid Degrees kicking off and a class full of excited students, we wanted to ask our students about their experiences so far. Muhammad Zakaria is one of our Hybrid Degrees students and he was happy to share his story with us.


Full-time job directly after graduation


Maria Fleissig is a former Dania Academy student. After graduating with a Marketing Management degree she is now a full-time employee at one of Denmark's car parts companies, JP Group A/S. We spoke to Maria about life with a degree from Dania Academy and she was kind to share some insights with us.


The importance of languages


Why speaking more than one language is always so appreciated?


Innovative, efficient, and sustainable


The Danish Energy Model has always developed new technologies to improve sustainability.


Denmark, a leader in Innovation


Denmark, a Scandinavian country, in Northern Europe, no bigger than 42.933 km², is distinguished as one of the most innovative countries, not only in Europe as the first, but also in worldwide rankings as the Top Ten.


Why does Hybrid Degrees offer a Life Coach for its students?


At Hybrid Degrees, we recognize the challenge of studying and having a balanced life at the same time. Therefore, our Hybrid Degrees students have access to a life coach during their studies. But what is a life coach?


Big Data, Big Deal


What is Big Data? What does the term mean?


Meet Paulius, Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees' newest intern


Paulius PetruĊĦauskas is a Marketing Management student from our Campus Viborg. He comes from Lithuania and loves to travel.


What are soft skills and how can you develop them with Hybrid Degrees?


Nowadays the markets have shown a significant need and importance of soft skills. You hear it social media, on your workplace, and probably in your community. But what are soft skills?


The right question to ask at education fairs


Choosing an education is as important as it feels. It is a step closer to reach your dreams and make them real. But this path has some bumps you need to get through.

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