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Bringing the taste of Vietnam to Denmark


Services, Hospitality, and Tourism Management student Minh Chau Ha, chose the path of entrepreneurship and did her internship in her own company, a Vietnamese food truck in Denmark.


Volunteering – a tool for empowerment


Bianca Bradescu from Romania is part of the researchers’ team within the Services and Hospitality industry. Nowadays she is engaged in a project aimed to analyze the value of volunteerism in the tourism sector.


Escaping the COVID-19 crisis


21-year old Martin Glubis from the Czech Republic decided to follow his dreams and start an escape games company in Denmark.


Going for an international career with Hybrid Degrees


Sabina Lama from Nepal is one of our Hybrid Degrees students who gladly accepted to share her experience so far and how the study programme will help her in the future.


A challenging internship experience


Organizing an international conference, doing research, coordinating students, managing a website, and dealing with several ad-hoc assignments might sound almost impossible for most, but for Katerina Anna Plitsi, this is called a normal internship day. Spoiler alert: The International Hospitality Management student really enjoys it.


Internship + Entrepreneurship = Wedding bells


The pandemic allows Sarah Bandona to live her dream and become a wedding planner in her own company called SBK Weddings. She is currently working hard to plan her first wedding.


Leadership and learning at LEGOLAND


25-year-old Julie Ventzel enjoys her internship at Hotel LEGOLAND, where she learns about running a 4-star hotel. On a daily basis, she works with the Senior Front Office Manager, who is also a Dania graduate.

Chasing work-life balance


With the first semester of Hybrid Degrees kicking off and a class full of excited students, we wanted to ask our students about their experiences so far. Muhammad Zakaria is one of our Hybrid Degrees students and he was happy to share his story with us.


Full-time job directly after graduation


Maria Fleissig is a former Dania Academy student. After graduating with a Marketing Management degree she is now a full-time employee at one of Denmark's car parts companies, JP Group A/S. We spoke to Maria about life with a degree from Dania Academy and she was kind to share some insights with us.


The importance of languages


Why speaking more than one language is always so appreciated?

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