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About me


Hello everyone! My name is Blerta Sulaj and as I will be taking care of the Hybrid Degrees blog, I wanted to introduce myself to you. So Hi! :)


Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees


Welcome to the Dania Academy, Hybrid Degree's official BLOG.


Experiencing Ireland: a travel logbook


The International Hospitality Management students went on a study trip to Galway, Ireland. Besides Rijeka in Croatia, Galway will be one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2020.


International Week 2020


For the 4th time, Dania Academy is inviting global partners to participate in our International Week. A unique opportunity to meet colleagues from both Europe and Overseas - teaching Danish and international undergraduate students. Furthermore, this year participants have the opportunity to get an insight in how Dania works with Student-Centered Learning and strategically with education in China


Mastering hostmanship with an internship in Denmark


A Hospitality Management education, an inquisitive spirit and the love for hostmanship made 20-year old Lara Sasko from Croatia choose an internship in a family run bed & breakfast in Denmark.


Study trips: where fun and learning meet


The International Hospitality Management students took part in a study trip in Denmark where they had the chance to learn about the newest research methods of Service Design while visiting some of Denmark’s most beautiful locations.


Student created his own job via internship


A Marketing Management education, hard work and the right mentality made 26-year-old Tobias Rasmussen responsible for digital marketing at sports nutrition company Pure Power.


Workshop manager directly after graduation


Car dealer Ejner Hessel A / S employed Tino Christensen as a supervisor while he was still studying at Dania Academy. Despite dyslexia, he received good marks because electric cars for him are easier to write about than poems.


Company visit led by Dania graduate


A group of students and lecturers from Humber College in Canada visited Dania Academy in an Internationalization at Home project. Together with Dania’s Energy Technology students, the group traveled to Hobro to visit Ballard Power Systems, a leading global provider of innovative clean energy and fuel cell solutions.

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