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Meet Paulius, Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees' newest intern


Paulius Petrušauskas is a Marketing Management student from our Campus Viborg. He comes from Lithuania and loves to travel.


What are soft skills and how can you develop them with Hybrid Degrees?


Nowadays the markets have shown a significant need and importance of soft skills. You hear it social media, on your workplace, and probably in your community. But what are soft skills?


The right question to ask at education fairs


Choosing an education is as important as it feels. It is a step closer to reach your dreams and make them real. But this path has some bumps you need to get through.


Physical Campus VS Online degrees


Where is the future taking us? During the crisis all the arrows have been pointing towards online setups, remote jobs, and online educations, but what are people really thinking about it? How do our students feel about it?


Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees tackles the negative impact of COVID-19


The pandemic has affected everyone. All around the world, like never before, the universities are facing an extreme downturn into recruiting students. Many are closing their doors forever due to bankruptcy and many others are trying to survive by customizing their programmes. In a world of uncertainty, there is a solution for everyone: Hybrid Degrees by Dania Academy.


“Everything is possible, the impossible just takes more time”


Dania graduate, Joanna Siara from Poland made her dream come true and launched a photography and videography company in Denmark.


Unconventional internship in a Danish bar


Kristine Gailisa from Latvia chose a more unconventional place for a Marketing internship. The 24-year old did her internship in a local bar and managed to impress with her performance.


Denmark seen through Virtual Reality glasses


IT Technology student Andrei-Sorin Ioanas from Romania did his internship at EON Reality Denmark and got specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). He enjoyed his internship so much that he wishes to find a similar job after completing the studies.


Your lifestyle with Hybrid Degrees


You wake up and see it is a great day to be outside, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all you feel is peace. But then you remember you are a student today. You jump out of bed!!! You rush to put your clothes on, wear your shoes, take your house keys and when you are about to lock the door…you remind that you are a future student, not a traditional one. So, you go back inside, open your laptop, bring a cup of coffee and relax. Your classes are through a digital platform.


Dania Students collaborate with Randers Municipality


The International Hospitality Management students worked on a project to improve Randers' welcoming system for international newcomers. The municipality is already looking to implement some of their suggestions.

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