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Most important tools for a marketer


The new era of the internet has made online marketing the top strategy for a business to succeed. The use of social media power generates lead and sales for businesses nowadays. Not to forget the search engine optimization that is used to drive traffic being a big advancement for digital marketing. But how does all of this come together in a bigger picture? What are the specific tools these marketers use? Let’s begin!


Assistant Manager in Danish restaurant after internship


23 year-old Lasma Balode from Latvia did her internship in a small restaurant in Denmark. Her hard work and determination brought her a job offer and a promotion to Assistant Manager for two restaurants in Denmark while studying International Hospitality Management.


Those who don’t jump will never fly


A Marketing Management education, persistence, hard work and determination led 20-year-old Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė from Lithuania to an internship at Jump Story - a Danish “born global” start-up company.


On the right track with an internship in Denmark


With a healthy dose of optimism, a strong passion for marketing and knowing a few languages, Iulia, a 20-year old student took the Danish labor market by storm.


More money for the less fortunate thanks to Student of the Year


During her internship at the Red Cross, Liva Sibirjova has increased the motivation among the volunteers in one of the stores in Denmark. Now, the shop located in Aarhus has extended the opening hours and increased the sales volume in favor of the city’s less fortunate. Due to this, Liva was named Student of the Year at Dania.


Coronavirus - Important information for all students at Dania Academy


Updated 16 March at 12.54. Today, the Danish Foreign Ministry has provided more details on the situation. Read more below.


Erasmus experience of a life-time


After two successful semesters at Dania, Krzysiek Wlesniakowski from Poland decided to spend three months in England as part of the Erasmus+ program.


‘Happy to be on the right track, in the right place’


Automotive Management student Paweł Łachut from Poland is happy about his internship in Denmark at 2Cap ApS, where he uses his skills to sell premium secondhand cars in Denmark and abroad.


Dream internship at automotive giant


A Marketing Management education, persistence and passion for cars led 20-year-old Marek Matoulek to an internship at Skoda.

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