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International opportunities

  • Study a semester abroad
  • Short-term study stays abroad
  • Take an internship abroad
  • Study trips to Amsterdam, Brussels and many other places

As a student at Dania you have the opportunity to study a semester or do your internship abroad as an integrated part of your education or as an extracurricular activity.

Below you can see what opportunities you have and hear students' thoughts about their international experiences.

Vietnam Summer School

All students at Dania have the opportunity to apply to Dania’s Vietnam Summer School, taking place in the vibrant and cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City. The 5 ECTS credit giving programme, is organized with our Vietnamese partner HUTECH University of Technology, and gives student a unique change to learn about Vietnamese business culture as well as intercultural communication in an international setting.

Social Media Summer School in Toronto

Marketing Management and Multimedia Design students can participate in a two-week summer school at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. The summer school takes place Mid-July and focuses on video, text and photo production for social media. Classes will be conducted by Canadian lecturers at Humber College and you will be together with students from Humber and Business Academy Aarhus. The course has a workload of 5 ECTS.

Study a semester abroad

As a student at Dania you have the opportunity to study a semester abroad during your education. You can become an ERASMUS exchange student at one of our partner institutions in Europe or international exchange student at one of our oversea partners.

We have good partners in England, France, Germany and the Netherlands as well as in Vietnam, South Korea and Canada.

Internship abroad

The internship is an important part of your education at Dania, and you have great opportunities to take your internship abroad with or without ERASMUS support. Annually, more than 150 Dania students choose a company abroad. Taking your internship abroad strengthens your international skills and gives you a global perspective, which can positively help you in your further career.

Study trips abroad

As a student at Dania, you will have the chance to travel together with your classmates and teachers. All study trips are tailor-made for each educations and frequent destinations include Amsterdam, Florida, Budapest, Shanghai and many more.

During your studies you will receive specific information about which study trips you can attend.

Further education abroad

As a graduate from Dania, you have the opportunity to continue your education at some of our international partner universities. Please contact Dania’s International Department for further information.

Internationalization @home

At Dania we make a lot of effort to bring international inspiration home to you through your education - so that you can have international skills and experience without necessarily having to go abroad.

We do this through several activities, such as International Week, International Career Days and collaborative projects with international partner universities, such as Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

International Partnerships

Dania Academy has cooperation agreements with international universities and representatives all over the world.

Testimonials - What students say

Spending one semester in South Korea taught me to be open-minded and gave me a new approach to seeing things. It was a fantastic cultural experience

Gábor Hideg

My internship allowed me to strengthen the knowledge that I have gathered over the years. I learned brand new things from one of the biggest multinationals in Europe. Working at Bosch was fun.

Ferenc Móricz

Dania provided me with all the support to study a semester abroad. Aside from studying in South Korea, I also travelled and had the chance to better understand the Korean culture. Pro tip: don't try to tip the waiter.

Jirí Havel