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What you plant today- you will harvest tomorrow

The student has spent two semesters in Denmark, a semester in South Korea and did his internship in Hungary.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

 “What you plant today- you will harvest tomorrow”. So says the 22-year-old Marketing Management student,  Gábor Hideg, who takes advantage of Dania’s international opportunities. The student has spent two semesters in Denmark, a semester in South Korea and did his internship in Hungary.

Like many international students Gábor from Hungary chose to diversify his international background and to learn about other cultures through his studies. Denmark, South Korea and Hungary are some of the destinations, and the adventure does not stop here.

Being an exchange student was an eye-opener 

For Gábor the next step after coming to Denmark was going to South Korea where he spent a semester as an Exchange student at Handog Global University, one of Dania’s partner universities. The whole experience was an eye-opener for the young student.

“The exchange taught me to be open-minded. I experienced a different culture and teaching methods.  For example, the Korean students are hardworking and have a high-level of commitment and respect towards their studies and goals. They are also very kind and modest. Compared to Denmark, the educational system is more formal and rigid, but it was an overall interesting thing to experience’’, says Gábor.  

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Internship responsibilities

After his exchange semester he decided to continue the international adventure by working for AVIS, an American car rental company, in Hungary. Although Gábor went to his home country for an internship, working for a multinational company did not make it seem like he was at home.

 “This internship has given me the opportunity to actually see how a global firm works and to practice what we previously learned at Dania. I was in contact with employees from all around the world and I learned about the cultural differences that exist even within the same organisation. Cultural differences can be quite a challenge in an international environment’’, he says.

Gábor had various responsibilities however his main task was being the international contact person for licensed partners all over the world.

“I feel like I have learned a lot, especially seeing how a multinational organization with thousands of employees functions and how employees from all around the world work together to provide what might seem like a simple service for the customer’’, says Gábor.

Advice to fellow students: Go and explore the world

With a diverse background and international experience on his CV, the Marketing Management graduate plans to continue his adventure. Although he got a job offer from AVIS after his internship, Gábor has decided that his journey is not over yet. There is so much more to explore.

‘’I would like to continue my education in South Korea and travel more. I hope all students can experience at least a part of what I did. My advice is to diversify your international education as much as possible, try to get as much out of it, be open minded and don’t be afraid to take a challenge’’ smiles Gábor.

International opportunities

You can read more about international opportunities at Dania Academy HERE.

Information about Erasmus+ is available HERE.

Gabor's experiences abroad were supported financially by the European program Erasmus+. An important aim of Erasmus+ is to enable as many young Europeans as possible to take a semester or do their internship abroad.

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