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New Erasmus Students in Viborg

Dania Academy welcomes Erasmus+ students in Viborg.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

On Monday, August 17th, we welcomed eight excited exchange students from the Czech Republic, Poland, France, and the Netherlands, with six of them joining the Danish Marketing Management class and 2 joining the IT Technology programme. On Tuesday, the foreign students met their equally eager Danish counterparts.

The reason we are able to continue hosting exchange students is that Dania's management strongly supports our international agenda, including offering the 3rd semester of both programmes in English, in order to remain attractive to our foreign partner universities.


To ensure our guest students feel like part of a larger exchange community, we have initiated a collaboration with VIA University College in Viborg. This collaboration began on Monday with a joint social activity involving approximately 40 exchange students at VIA, namely a scavenger hunt to help them familiarize themselves with the campus. In addition, everyone has participated in a guided tour of Viborg, and next Monday, the next event, called "Bring a Bite," will take place. During this event, students from selected countries will bring samples of food from their home countries.



Our Erasmus students went to Århus to obtain their EU residence permits and explore the city. Next Wednesday, they will receive their CPR numbers.

It has been a great first week for the enthusiastic students, and we look forward to gaining experience in integrating our guests into our Danish teams.

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