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International Days give students a global perspective

Dania will host 10 international lecturers for International Days in March 2024. Over three days, these lecturers will teach Dania's students about sustainability, focusing on aspects such as PPP – People, Planet, and Profit.
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Dania has been organizing International Days every year since 2016 (with a single exception during the Corona period). These are popular days because they inspire students and broaden their global outlook. Simultaneously, students gain international skills applicable to a globalized job market, whether they end up working in Denmark or abroad.

The international lecturers primarily come from EU countries and Canada. In the period leading up to March 13-15, they collaborate with Dania's teachers to plan the lessons. With a focus on the students' starting point, the aim is to make the teaching as relevant and engaging as possible.

It is crucial that we are curious about new knowledge, and other ways of doing things and that we allow ourselves to be challenged on the perspectives we are comfortable working with.

Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen, Strategic International Lead

We should be curious about new knowledge
For Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen, Strategic International Lead at Dania, International Days are one of the highlights of the year. It's an opportunity to offer students new perspectives in an international context, which they will need both as students and graduates:

"We are, without sounding too cliché, part of something larger, and we must equip our students with intercultural competencies. It is crucial that we are curious about new knowledge, different ways of doing things, and that we allow ourselves to be challenged on the perspectives we are comfortable working with," explains Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen.


"It is a pat on the back for Dania and the students that we can attract talented international lecturers every year. We can only do this because our guests experience that Dania's students are eager, involved and that international educators also have the opportunity to establish strong professional relationships with Dania's lecturers, which they can benefit from in the future.".

Inspiring them to think big

The international lecturers visit all of Dania's campuses to teach, becoming an integral part of the regular curriculum. The main purpose is to plant seeds in the students and encourage them to think innovatively:

"One of our most important tasks is to inspire the students. This applies both to daily teaching and during International Days. Because we are allowed to shake them a bit and introduce them to something they are not accustomed to, to challenge them to think in new directions," emphasizes Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen.

Many international opportunities for Dania's students

International Days is one of several opportunities for Dania's students to receive international input. They can also choose to take a study or internship abroad as an integrated part of their education or as an extracurricular international experience.

We like to challenge the students and present them with something they are not used to in order to get them to think in new directions.

Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen, Strategic International Lead


If students choose to study or intern abroad, they can apply for ERASMUS support, which is a substantial grant for both travel and stay. Annually, approximately 60 students from Dania undertake study or internship placements abroad, returning with both social and professional skills highly sought after in the business world.

Additionally, every summer, Dania organizes a summer school in Vietnam in collaboration with HUTECH University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. The summer school lasts for 14 days, is ECTS-credited, and is open to all Dania students.

If you want to know more

If you have questions about International Days or any other of Dania's international activities, you are welcome to contact:

  • Flemming Kjærsgård Andersen, International Mobility Manager, phone: +45 2037 9525, email:
  • Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen, Strategic International Lead, phone: +45 2037 9525, email:

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