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As a student at Dania Academy, you are entitled to a public transportation discount card.

When you are admitted to study in Denmark, you are also eligible for an “ungdomskort (discount card for public transportation). If you wish to receive an "Ungdomskort", you must apply at

The application is made in two steps. First, you apply for approval via When you receive the approval, you can purchase your "Ungdomskort". You have to use your NemID when applying for "Ungdomskort".

Before you can apply for SU and "Ungdomskort", you have to confirm and accept the proposed study place at Dania Academy. The confirmation may take 2-3 weeks in order to be registered in the SU system. We, therefore, recommend that you wait 2-3 weeks after your acceptance of proposed study place before you apply for SU. Otherwise, there is a risk that your application will be delayed in the process.

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