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Regulations, Exams and Appeals

Knowing your rights and obligations is important. Below you will find more information about laws, appeals and exemptions.

Exams and Regulations

During your studies, you will have tests and exams. Some will be written while others will be oral. At the end of your studies, you will be required to write a final assignment/project that you will subsequently defend in an oral exam.

You can read more about the Exams Regulations here.


If you wish to apply for a dispensation, please contact your local Student Counsellor.​ Please fill in the following form and contact your local study administration or student counselor for help.


You may send a complaint to Danish Agency for Higher Education if you are enrolled as a student at a Danish educational institution for higher education or if you apply for enrolment at an educational institution under the authority of the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. More information on the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's website


If you want more information about laws and executive orders regarding business academy and professional bachelor programs as well as academic and diploma programs, you can find detailed information here  

Please note that some of the information is in Danish.

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