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Student Coaching

Student coaching is a crucial part of Dania Academy’s student welfare policy and we focus not only on your well-being as a student, but also as a person.

What does the coaching process involve?

The main object of the student coaching is to support you in your studies, to give you advice on how to plan and structure your work, on how to act in a group and get the most out of group work, on different approaches to your studies, and to mediate in conflicts that may arise in connection with your studies at Dania.

During the coaching process, we will focus on identifying the best learning opportunities for you, on the choices you make and the consequences of these choices, as well as on structuring your work, gaining a broader perspective, reflecting on your situation and on setting realistic goals.

What can you expect from the student coach?

You can expect supportive collaboration about

  • your personal challenges
  • creating a perspective on your activities and prioritizing them
  • managing your time (comparing reality with your capacity)
  • setting up a realistic plan for managing your life and your studies
  • Balancing school, life, work, and family
  • Minimizing stress and anxiety
  • Exam preparation

The coaching process will be based on discussions with you and will always focus on your present situation. The main focal points will be motivation and performance.

Life Coaching

Studying can be and should be a phenomenally empowering experience. And for the most part, it is! However, when studying and working is combined there can be challenges. And sometimes you need support whether it’s to help you manage your workload and time, navigate exam stress or decide what you want to do with your life after you have completed your studies. 

A Life Coach is a professional that you form a relationship with to help you clarify options, overcome obstacles, decrease overwhelming feelings and increase excitement and clarity. A Life Coach can help you define your strengths, maximize potential and strategize to reach your goals. 

Your life Coach can help you with

  • Time management
  • Career decisions
  • Balancing school, life, work, and family
  • Clarifying priorities for now and the future
  • Minimize Stress and Anxiety
  • Achieving personal and professional goals
  • Motivation and focus
  • Exam preparation
  • And much more!

How do I get in touch with Dania’s Student Coach?

If you need coaching, just ask your lecturer or programme manager. They will put you in contact with Dania’s Student Coach.


Student Coach

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