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Disabled students (SPS)

If you have a handicap and are in need of support in order to complete your programme at Dania Academy, you can apply for support from the Special-Pedagogic Programme (SPS).

You can apply for support via SPS if you suffer from dyslexia, a physical or psychological handicap, or have a hearing handicap or are visually impaired.

Support comes in the form of relevant soft- and hardware, mentoring sessions or similar. No monetary support is given.

At Dania Academy we give students with a documented handicap the possibility to apply for additional time for written exams and for some oral exams.

Disabled students

Information regarding your possibilities and rights as an international student with a disability is hard to find. The Danish support system for mentally and physically impaired students is called Special Educational Support (SPS).


What is SPS?

Special Educational Support (SPS) provides compensatory support for full degree students with physical or psychological disabilities, giving you the opportunity to undertake your studies on equal terms with other students.

If you’re an exchange or guest student, you can only get help from the SPS with funding from your home country.


You are eligible for Special Educational Support (SPS) if:

  • you are a Danish citizen or have achieved equal status with a Danish citizen, e.g. a student from Scandinavia or the EU
  • you are accepted into a full degree programme
  • your disability is long-term (e.g. hearing or vision problems, dyslexia, psychological or physical disabilities)
  • you have formal documentation of your diagnosed disability (e.g. from a specialist physician)
  • you are an active student


As well as support, you can apply for:

  • special conditions during your exams
  • exemption from academic progress requirements
  • exemption from maximum study period requirements (apply early!)


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