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Student Counselling

We are here to assist you if you have questions regarding your degree programme and career opportunities, to provide sparring, and if you meet any challenges during your studies.

What we can help with

The student counsellors at Dania Academy have several years’ experience with student counselling and are well equipped to assist you. We are passionate about providing the best service. One of our most important tasks is to provide support to students during their studies. 

When you are in contact with a student counsellor, you can, therefore, among others, expect the following:

  • All student counselling is based on open dialogue and you make the decisions. The student counsellor can only provide information and act as an active sparring partner.
  • All student counselling is confidential. The student counsellor will not pass on to other information you have given in confidentiality, i.e. we will only contact your professors and/or others with your consent.
  • All student counselling is unbiased and independent. Student Counselling is neutral and independent.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your studies and we will help you as best we can. However, there are limits as to what we can help with, though we have great experience to draw on to help you further on. We have several partners, which we can refer you to. All conversations and enquiries are confidential.


In addition to Dania's own student counsellors, you may contact Studenterrådgivningen, a student counselling service that provides free social and psychological assistance to students in higher education. The association can help with everything from mental challenges to more practical questions about SU, maternity or illness. You can read more on the association's homepage HERE.


Code of conduct 

Read more about the basic values of Dania Academy in our code of conduct.


Student Counsellor
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