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"I study what I love"

24-year-old Pawel from Poland combines his passion for cars and management with an Automotive Management education in Denmark.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

Pawel is good at sales, service management, customer relations and interacting with other people. He first believed that he should study Service and Hospitality Management in Odense, but this turned out to be completely wrong for him. After some time, he discovered the Automotive Management study programme at Dania in Viborg, where one has to be good at customer relations and service, but also should love cars.


"I have a great passion for cars, so I'm happy I have found my way to the education," says 24-year-old Pawel Lachut.

He believes that this education is good for people who want to work for instance with sales and workshop management. This requires working with people and, of course, that winning smile.

"The focus of this education is Management, however one can also choose a specialization in Automotive Engineering as part of the programme”, he explains.

“The best thing is the feeling that I am studying what I love. My passion for cars and management is combined in one education. I like every subject I learn and the social environment is very good. The campus is very nice and there is always room in the canteen area to study, “he smiles.

He himself dreams of becoming a sales manager and working with import and export within the automotive industry.

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