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Visa and Immigration

Once you have been admitted to Dania, you must check whether you need a residence permit to study in Denmark. The procedures vary depending on your nationality.

Nordic countries Students from the Nordic countries; Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden can freely work and reside in Denmark. You are not required to obtain a visa or residence permit. You can find more information on the website of the Mobility Information Service of the Nordic Region

EU/EEA countries

Students from all EU / EEA countries as well as citizens from Switzerland must get an EU/EEA residence certificate. When you arrive in Denmark, you must apply for the EU/EEA residence certificate at the Regional State Administration.

The EU/EEA residence certificate application form must be delivered personally to the Regional State Administration when completed.

The time it takes to process an application depends largely on whether all necessary documents are enclosed with the application form. Bring:     

  • your passport     
  • a copy of your passport     
  • one passport photo     
  • an Admission Confirmation Letter from the Academy (you get this letter upon arrival at the Academy).

The Regional State Administration office closest to Randers and Viborg is in the neighbouring city Aarhus. You will find the address of the office, information about opening hours and directions on how to get to the office here (pdf).


Countries outside the EU/EEA

Students from countries outside the EU / EEA must obtain a residence permit before entering Denmark. As soon as you receive the admission letter from Dania Academy, you must send your application to the Danish Embassy or consulate general in your home country. You can find the Danish representative offices in your home country at the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

In order to be granted a residence permit you must document that you have been accepted for a study programme at Dania Academy, and that you have paid the deposit for 1 semester. You will be granted a residence permit for the full duration of the programme. 
It takes about 60 days to issue a residence permit, so it is important that you apply as soon as possible.
For more information, please consult The Danish Immigration Service.


Please note: Dania is not liable for any changes in the rules and regulations of The Danish Immigration Authorities.
The Danish Immigration Service

The Mobility Information Service of the Nordic Region

The Regional State Administration

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The EU/EEA residence certificate application form

Regional State Administration_info and map (pdf)


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