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The admission procedure

All the important dates for you to keep in mind.

How to apply

You will find all application forms and a thorough guide in English to the system on

The system is user friendly, guiding you step by step.

If you do not have a Danish CPR number (civil registration number), you will need to state your email address in order to get your application profile registered in the system. Once you have entered a valid e-mail address, a direct link to your login page will be sent to your e-mail inbox (if you do not receive this direct link in your inbox, please check your spam-box). With the login, you can start the online application process.

The system will automatically create an application ID for you to print as a signature page when you conclude your application. This signature page must be sent directly to Dania by e-mail This is used for Dania to identify your application.

Here is the application guide.  

Application Deadline

Non-Danish applicants must apply online from 1 February and no later than 15 March at 12 noon local Danish time (Central European Time).

You submit the application form and all enclosures online via

Some enclosures, for instance the English test or the secondary diploma, may be posted or e-mailed to us later.

Late applications must also be submitted online. Applicants who apply after deadline will only be processed and accepted, if there are seats available.

I filled in my application. What's next?

  • 1 February – 15 March at 12 noon*

    Applications are received.


    You must send your application ONLINE at


    *Danish time (Central European Time)

  • 1 February – 1 May

    Applications are screened.

    - If you are screened and found not qualified for admission, you will receive an e-mail answer before 15 April.

  • 15 March – 1 May

    Assessment and Skype interview process

    - If you are screened and found qualified for admission and you have Dania as your 1st. priority, you will be contacted by e-mail directly by the admissions officer, in order to set up a time for a Skype interview.

  • 1 April – 28 July

    - In case of a positive result of your SKYPE interview you will receive an admission letter directly from the Dania-programme you have applied for, together with other information.
    - If you are not found qualified, you will receive an e-mail from Dania stating this.

I was not contacted by 20 April. What should I do?

If you are not contacted before 20 April – please send an e-mail to

  • If you have Dania as a lower priority than first, Dania will not initially contact you for an interview.

  • If you during the application process wish to change your priority FROM a lower priority TO Dania as a first priority, you MUST do so online through , AND be sure to send a mail directly to to confirm this decision.

  • After you are contacted for the SKYPE interview, ALL contact from then and onwards is done with the specific Dania programme you have applied for.

I applied through a local representative/recruitment agency

If you have applied through a local representative or agent in your country, please make the contact through this representative – and not directly to us. Please do NOT contact us by phone.