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Political decision about international programmes


In June 2021, Danish politicians have decided that as a general rule, as of 2022 Danish business academies can no longer admit new students to English-language programmes.


Please note that all current students can continue their programme without any changes.


All current international students as well as students starting an international programme in 2021 have the right to complete their programme.


Questions and contact


  • Do I have the right to finish the programme I am currently enrolled in?

    Yes. All students starting an international programme before 2022 have the right to complete that programme.

  • Are there any English-taught top-up possibilities?

    Yes, however, there is a limited amount of spots available. For information about available top-up options (taught in English), please visit your dedicated ''Dania International'' Moodle Room.

  • Can I continue with a Danish-taught top-up programme?

    Yes, this is a possibility but it will take some effort.

    Students who graduate with an AP degree can apply for a Danish language top-up programme if their Danish language skills are considered adequate. To meet this demand, you will need Danish at A-level or the so-called ‘studieprøven’ (study test) to be accepted into a top-up programme.

    This will require a high level of Danish skills that will be extremely difficult to obtain for newcomers while you are also studying for an AP degree programme (which is a full-time occupation in itself).

    It is expected that students who want to pursue this path will need to finish the AP degree programme, get a job in Denmark and then start to obtain the required Danish language skills, e.g. in a language school while working, or taking a sabbatical year to learn Danish

  • Why has this political decision been made?

    It has been announced that the political agreement is intended to finance the government’s plans for study programmes in some of the smaller cities across Denmark.

    The agreement is also supposed to reduce expenses relating to SU (state grants) for international students as costs have been increasing in recent years.

    Dania Academy regrets that this decision has been made but as a public sector institution, we must follow the political decisions.

If you have questions about the above information or if you have doubts about your situation as a student, please contact your student counselor. 

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