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Your lifestyle with Hybrid Degrees

You wake up and see it is a great day to be outside, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all you feel is peace. But then you remember you are a student today. You jump out of bed!!! You rush to put your clothes on, wear your shoes, take your house keys and when you are about to lock the door…you remind that you are a future student, not a traditional one. So, you go back inside, open your laptop, bring a cup of coffee and relax. Your classes are through a digital platform.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

Now you know that the classes won’t take a daytime to finish, and you will not rush to catch the next bus. Now you know that you can enjoy that sunny day. About that… you decide to study outside in nature. You grab your headphones, sneakers on and go outside. You don’t really need your laptop with you unless you want to. Your classes can be accessed through your smartphone as well. You find a shadow spot under a tree, seat with your favorite view in front, and join the classes. You got classwork to do, and there is your team joining you online in a private group probably called "The Best Marketers", and you are ready to resolve the next problem of a company in your country. That is right, you will work with the real case companies, and gain real experiences as you grow. A few hours go by and you have now successfully finished the assignment. You lay back and do a little thinking. You understand that today you won, you are not drained of energy. You feel the flexibility in your life, as you now understood that tomorrow will be a great day at work, without stress, or rushing to catch and leave classes. As your thinking takes you into beautiful places, a ‘ring’ stops you there…oh see, it is the teacher congratulating you and your team on the great job while giving a few comments on your assignment. You were right, your group really was "The Best Marketers".

You are now even happier, as you know you did great and learned more then you knew yesterday. You are now feeling differently, as an innovative way of thinking is transforming you towards a greater purpose.

Oh, shoot! It is 12 pm, mom is probably ready with some lunch. Go back home and enjoy some!!

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