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PR internship in Nepal

Sanju Chetry studied Marketing Management at Dania Academy. Her specialization was Advertising and Online Promotion and was working for Nepal’s leading international travel magazine as PR representative for Europe.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet Student smiling in front of poster about Nepal
Erhvervsakademi Dania

After finishing three on-campus semesters in Randers, Sanju started looking for an internship that would fit her skills. "I wanted to work for a company that would help me in my learning process. I also wanted a place that would enable me to use all the knowledge I gained during my studies at Dania", says Sanju.

As many others, the 20-year old international student accessed her personal network in order to find a suitable internship. ‘’I was analyzing a few options when my brother who lives in Nepal told me that Atharwa Publishing House is looking to hire an intern for one of their two publications. I decided to send an application and I immediately got a positive response. Not long afterwards I flew to Nepal in order to be part of the team that produces and promotes Imagine Nepal travel magazine ‘’, explains Sanju.

Cooperation with the Embassy of Nepal in Denmark

Image Nepal travel magazine and Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism have a common goal: promoting Nepal as a touristic destination in the entire world. As part of the cooperation, the Embassy of Nepal in Copenhagen has started a joint project with the magazine in the hope of attracting more Danes to visit Nepal. The two institutions attended Ferie for Alle, Denmark’s biggest travel and leisure fair in order to kick-off their collaboration.

‘’It’s an honor to be here representing the magazine and supporting the governmental project at the same time. My job during the exhibition is to talk to people and promote not only Image Nepal, but also the entire country as a fantastic vacation spot’’, says Sanju.

Responsibility and complex tasks

Due to her strong educational background, Dania’s student easily gained the trust of her fellow colleagues and supervisors who immediately gave her a wide variety of tasks. ‘’As part of my internship, among many more, I will participate in a series of Travel Fairs starting with Denmark and Germany where I will do my best to promote Nepal. Even if I am an intern, the publishing house decided to send me abroad as their official representative. I feel that this is a big responsibility on my shoulders’’, concludes Sanju.

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