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Paul Aspinall is new Head of Programmes at Dania Academy in Randers

Paul Aspinall has been appointed new Head of Programmes at the Dania Academy in Randers. He has been working as a teacher at the Dania Academy for the mercantile programmes since 2011. In addition to the teaching career, he has held the trusteeship until the appointment of the Head of Programmes.
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Comes from the English working-class

Paul Aspinall is 50 years old and comes from the English working-class. His father and grandfather both worked in the coal mines in Wigan in the Greater Manchester area. His background has made a great impact on Paul. He always strives hard to achieve his goals and he takes nothing for granted. He considers himself fortunate to have landed such an exciting new opportunity.

“I am honored and thrilled with my new role at The Dania Academy and I look forward to be leading such a knowledgeable and dedicated group of teachers. Together we must create a valuable working community with a focus on the core task: To empower our students”, he says.

The students’ development in higher education is of the utter most importance to Paul Aspinall.

“We want our students to develop the best sides of themselves. We want them to enjoy their studies at the Dania Academy in a professional and safe environment where they can develop their skills in order to get the best jobs in the large-scale industry – the experience economy. With our new Chinese business partner the opportunities are vast for our students whose aim it is to work in the fast growing world of the experience economy.”

He cannot escape the fact that he is an Englishman. He is passionate about football which he has played for more than 40 years. He is an avid fan of his childhood football club, Wigan Ahtletic Football Club, which he hopes will get a glorious return to The Premier League after the relegation in 2013.

Paul Aspinall took up his new position on September 1st-.


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