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Jonas wants to secure companies' networks

24-year-old Jonas Omstrup is studying IT Technology at Dania Academy in Viborg.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

“You have internet at home and all your devices are connected to it. As part of my studies, I learn how to get the internet from the ISP and into consumer devices in the best and most secure way, ”says Jonas, who has always been interested in computers and data.

Jonas chose Viborg as is new home, where accommodation is guaranteed to all international students.

 “It is difficult to find accommodation in bigger cities like Aarhus or Aalborg, but Viborg was absolutely perfect. Furthermore, here are good facilities and skilled teachers, ”he smiles and says that they are currently learning about setting up switches and routers, frequencies, VPN and passwords.

In the future he would like to work for a big company.

“After I graduate, I really want to work with managing networks for a big company. I am also interested in cyber security and making sure that data is handled with care. After all, safety must be top notch, and we learn a lot about that”, concludes Jonas.

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