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Company visit led by Dania graduate

A group of students and lecturers from Humber College in Canada visited Dania Academy in an Internationalization at Home project. Together with Dania’s Energy Technology students, the group traveled to Hobro to visit Ballard Power Systems, a leading global provider of innovative clean energy and fuel cell solutions.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

13 students and lecturers from Humber College Canada visited Dania Academy. As part of an intensive two-week program, the Canadian group accompanied Dania’s students in a wide range of activities including on-campus lectures, company visits and sightseeing in Denmark. Together with Dania’s Energy Technology students, the students from Canada visited Ballard Power Systems in Hobro.



‘’Our aim was to acquire knowledge about technology that can help the transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy supply. We chose to visit Ballard because of the unique fuel cell technology and because we believe it would provide our students and the visitors with a great learning experience’’, says Kim Ingelhardt Jørgensen, Assistant Lecturer at Dania.


Raimonds Osins, Automotive Management graduate from Dania guided the tour.


‘’I believe it is great that Dania organizes these company visits for students. It is a fantastic way of getting hands-on experience and inspiration directly from the industry. I am glad to be able to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others ’’, says Raimonds.


Raimonds comes from Latvia and as part of his education, he chose to have an internship in Denmark at Ballard, where he was hired as Service Technician. As part of his job, Raimonds is responsible with troubleshooting and repairing broken or faulty Hydrogen modules for transit buses. As part of the job, the 22-year old is also required to travel around the world.

I am very happy with my job and my tasks. Having the chance to work for a company that thrives to make a difference and innovate the industry is more than I could have ever wished for. I strongly believe that the future is green and it is great to be a part of it all

Raimonds Osins, Ballard Power Systems

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