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Intern gets business closer to Poland

Aleksandra Nowak found the internship of her dreams at Frost, which through the marketing management student has established closer relations with Poland.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

Shortly after Aleksandra Nowak started her internship at Frost, a company that makes interior design products, Director Hans Jørgen Frost immediately saw an opportunity while the student was excited about her upcoming tasks.


"It was fantastic. Not only did I get the opportunity to analyze and work with a real market for a real company, but I was also allowed to visit it, ”smiles Aleksandra Nowak, who has studied at Dania Academy in Randers, where a three-month internship is a compulsory part of the studies.

The fact that Aleksandra is originally from Poland, was a big asset for Frost. Through an intern who could speak the language and have knowledge about the culture, Director Hans Jørgen Frost could truly see the potential of a market he was interested in.


"Aleksandra made it possible for us to get a closer contact with Polish customers. We would like to do this again on other markets in Europe through students in internships. It is great to have interns. They have the chance to work in the real world, as we develop and improve ourselves, "explains Hans Jørgen Frost.


Real life tasks

To begin with, Alexandra went through the entire customer database and conducted a market analysis for Poland.

"Desk research does not give the same insight as reality, and so we went to Poland. It was an important learning experience for her her to see that some things cannot be investigated from behind the desk. At the same time it was a way to create an even closer bond with our customers in the country, "explains Hans Jørgen Frost.

Aleksandra Nowak completely agrees.

"I learned a lot when I saw how customers' showrooms looked and found out what they really wanted," she says.


Another culture

It was the link of theory and practice, which initially triggered Aleksandra Nowak to choose to study Marketing Management at Dania.

"In Poland, you need to learn pure theory and get no practical knowledge. Here, it is completely different at both the academy and at Frost. For example here you can be open with your teachers and your superiors and have a somewhat sense of flexibility in how you organize your time. I've never experienced that before, "says Aleksandra Nowak.


Hans Jørgen Frost was aware of the fact that cultural differences will appear, especially at the work place.

"It was important for us that Aleksandra got to know the Danish labor market. For example, it is important to know how to deal with a Danish workplace and how to talk with your boss in Denmark, "says Hans Jørgen Frost, adding that they have also helped her with the Danish language.


And that's something that means a lot for the 21-year-old student.

"I want to build a career in Denmark, so it's important for me to speak Danish, and both Hans Jørgen and my colleagues are wonderful to help me," she smiles.


Education first

After her internship, Aleksandra Nowak was offered a part-time job at Frost when she completed her education in June.

"I want to continue my studies with a top-up in International Sales and Marketing Management and at the same time to become even better at speaking Danish. My parents have always said that education is the most important thing, and with that you can do everything, but I am happy to continue at Frost at the same time. "

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