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Accommodation with a view for students in Viborg

The new academic year at Dania Academy in Viborg started with the traditional introductory event as well as with a big surprise. Twelve students will wake up every morning to a beautiful lake view in one of the most sought-for living areas in the city.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

As tradition dictates, Dania's international students are guaranteed accommodation in Viborg. This year after facing struggles with insufficient dorm rooms, the staff in campus Viborg lived up to their promise and made sure that everyone had a place to live.

"It is important to offer all the support we can to our students. Some of them have left their parents’ home for the first time and we understand that it could be difficult for them. This is why we made everything possible to help them and now everyone has a place to live", explains Mikael L. Nielsen, associate profe1ssor. A promise to keep 

Danias international students are normally placed in Camp Logos located 200 m from the academy. Camp Logos is a youth dorm campus built in modern architecture, with access to laundry, terraces, sports fields and a bonfire. The dorms are shared between Dania and two other educational institutions. Although spacious, the four dorm buildings had no rooms left.  "This year due to a high number of inquiries, there were no dorm rooms left in the campus. However, we had to keep our promise to the students and offer them a place to stay. We spent all summer looking for the best solution and as a result, twelve of our students had a big surprise when they saw that their rooms are located in one of the best areas in town", says Mikael L. Nielsen, associate professor.

The apartments are situated near Viborg's central park with a beautiful lake view and are equipped with all the necessary facilities. "Everyone has a lovely place to live now and we will keep our promise to guarantee accommodation here in Viborg", explains Mikael L. Nielsen.

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