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How to apply

All applications are sent online through the official Danish Higher Education admissions portal.

You will find all application forms and a thorough guide in English to the system on

The system is user friendly, guiding you step by step.

If you do not have a Danish CPR number (civil registration number), you will need to state your email address in order to get your application profile registered in the system. Once you have entered a valid e-mail address, a direct link to your login page will be sent to your e-mail inbox (if you do not receive this direct link in your inbox, please check your spam-box). With the login, you can start the online application process.

The system will automatically create an application ID for you to print as a signature page when you conclude your application. This signature page must be sent directly to Dania by e-mail This is used for Dania to identify your application.

Here is the application guide.

Please carefully read the guidelines for our admissions procedure HERE. 

Applications for our Academy Profession Degrees

If you are applying for the following study programmes you will be redirected to the official external application system: 

Marketing Management 

Automotive Management

IT Technology

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Applications for our top-up Bachelor Degree

If you are applying for International Hospitality Management (BA top-up) you will be asked to fill in a digital form.

Application for our Hybrid Degrees

Admission is open for our Hybrid Degree programme in Marketing Management.


  • There are Available seats for the August 2021 Intake.


You can read more about the programme below.

Important Information - Coronavirus

Dania Academy is aware of the fact that in light of the current world health concerns due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) some schools and institutions are closed. Please be aware that incomplete applications will be accepted due to this matter. Dania Academy will not dismiss potential students and their applications based on incomplete applications while schools are closed.  (For example, if you cannot retrieve a signed Verification Form)

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions and we will do our best to guide you accordingly.

Dania Academy receives applications continuously and the current world health situation will not affect the application process.

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