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Accommodation in Denmark

We offer on-campus accommodation for students in a safe and convenient environment for living, studying and socializing. Some students prefer off-campus housing for more independence. We can also help finding nearby apartment buildings.

Accommodation in Viborg

All students admitted at Campus Viborg have guaranteed accommodation in the Camp Logos dormitories.

The majority will get a room in the new modern dorms next door to the campus area (situated 200 m from Dania Academy).

All the apartments are fully furnished, but you have to bring your own bed linen. Also, you have to supply your own cutlery and china.

There are different types of apartments. Some of them have a shared kitchen, while other apartments have their own kitchen. All the apartments have a private bathroom.

The buildings have common areas equipped with TV, couches, balconies etc. and a laundry room with washing machines and dryers.

Camp Logos provides access to vacuum cleaners. 

Around the new dorms, you can find a student house, free parking spots, the stadium, cinema, fitness centers, bowling lanes, shopping areas, restaurants, the city hall of Viborg and parks.


Youth apartments and other types of accommodation

Other students prefer to live in the modern youth apartments, which are rented unfurnished. The deposit is 3 months’ rent.


Additionally, some students rent a room or a flat from a private house owner or housing agency.


Dania Academy will make living arrangements for all students admitted at Campus Viborg. Upon admission, you will be contacted by our representatives to discuss your needs and wishes regarding the type of room and utilities.

Accommodation in Randers

Student Apartments

Centrally located in Randers, these brand new study apartments will be available to rent from 1 September 2021.

Different types of rooms are available to rent. The rooms are furnished, the buildings have elevators, common areas, depo rooms, and parking.

These apartments are rented out by Nørresundby Boligselskab.

Below you can see a brochure with detailed information, prices and many more.

Rented rooms or apartments

Most of our international students in Randers choose to live at the student dormitory Randers Kollegiegård, however, there are several other options for accommodation in Randers. One of the most popular platforms to find accommodation is Facebook Marketplace.

Another option is to look for a flat/apartment on the rental websites. Here are some of the most popular websites for finding accommodation in Denmark.

Other students prefer to live in the modern youth apartments right in the campus area in Randers. The youth apartments are rented unfurnished.

The student dormitory

The dormitory is managed by Randers Municipality is situated 8 km from Dania and there are several bus lines going downtown and direct bus connections to the Academy.

The majority of dormitory rooms are furnished, but you must bring your own linen, sheets and covers. Also, you have to supply your own cutlery and china as well as a fridge. 

The dormitory has 3 types of apartments. Most of them have a shared kitchen, while in some apartments there is a mini kitchen. All the apartments have a private bathroom.

There is a laundry room with 4 washing machines and 2 dryers.

Students applying for Campus Randers must apply for a dormitory room by themselves online HERE. The dormitory has 233 rooms and typically everyone receives a room. 

Around the dorms you can find shopping centers, free parking spots, fitness centers, restaurants, bowling lanes, a badminton club, a tennis court, parks and green areas.

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