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Dania's approach to sustainability

With this approach, Dania Academy aims to support the government's 2023 objectives regarding sustainability and a green transition, thereby addressing the societal challenges we face both in Denmark and the rest of the world. Climate change is rapidly moving in the wrong direction, and if we do not respond and find common solutions, future generations will be confronted with insurmountable challenges.

Sustainability and green transition

At Dania, we understand working with sustainability and green transition as a movement and gradual transformation. In our work and approach to addressing challenges, we consciously make choices, focus, and prioritize sustainability within our core mission and resource framework.

We aim to be realistic and honest in our approach, ensuring that our initiatives have professional substance and are transparent to all stakeholders.

New knowledge, data collection, collaboration, and competency development are essential to support the establishment of direction and frameworks for new initiatives within the community, operations, and educational programs, building upon existing local activities.

Therefore, we must succeed together - students, employees, management, and external collaborators.

At Dania, we understand the work of sustainability and green transition broadly as concrete initiatives where we prioritize, inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

• At Dania, students in their respective fields acquire action competencies in sustainability.

• At Dania, students and employees engage in external collaborations that support sustainable development.

• At Dania as an institution, sustainable and innovative decisions are made that support the green transition and climate action within the given resource constraints.

We are all responsible, not only for what we do but also for what we fail to do...

Connie Hedegaard, EU’s former Climate Commissioneer

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