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Advisory board

Advisory board for Sustainability

We cannot succeed alone. There is a greater need than ever to find collective solutions, both at a local, national, and especially global level. Therefore, we aim to develop together with a range of strategic partners. In this regard, we need to collaborate with businesses, organizations, and other external stakeholders to exchange ideas and bring new knowledge, innovative solutions, and concrete actions into play.

It is our hope that with Dania's advisory board for sustainability, we can work together to find solutions and implement responsible initiatives for the benefit of current and future students, businesses, and organizations.

Advisory board in practice

Dania Academy has established an advisory board for sustainability, consisting of a diverse group of individuals from various industries who possess extensive knowledge of sustainability.

We meet three times a year, facilitating the meetings with a focus on exchanging ideas and providing guidance regarding Dania's sustainability strategy. The goal is to ensure access to the latest knowledge in sustainability, which can result in relevant competencies for students, employees, and business leaders.

  • Board members
    • Line Risggard Mortensen, Verdo
    • Torsten Richard Hermansen, Danske Fragtmænd
    • Claus Nielsen, Sinatur
    • Sofie Randel, Rethink Event
    • Lone Kalstrup, Pythea
    • Katrine Ziska, Jyske Bank
    • Dan Prangsgaard, Billund airport
    • Lars Elsborg, Sport24
    • Thomas Steen Hansen, Dansand
    • Martin Romvig, Energicenter Nord
    • Katrine Bak Primdal, Upcycling Scandinavia
    • Lise Korsgaard, Salling Autogenbrug
    • Laila Mariann Hansen, Silkeborg Business
    • Louise Thomsen, Eurowind Energy
    • Jarl Gorridsen, DS-Energy

Dania representatives

Erhvervsakademi Dania
Prorector & Executive Director of Education
Erhvervsakademi Dania
Executive Director of Commercial Programmes
Erhvervsakademi Dania
Executive Director of Finance and Resources
Erhvervsakademi Dania
Campus Director
Executive Advisor, Strategic International Lead
Erhvervsakademi Dania
Executive Senior Adviser
Dania Erhverv

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