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Software Development

Do you want to develop the best software - for example for the games industry? Join our Software Development programme and earn an top-up Bachelor's degree of 90 ECTS.

The Bachelor's degree in software development is aimed at computer scientists who want an advanced theoretical and practice-based superstructure on existing knowledge and skills.

With a Bachelor's degree in software development, you can get a job in various branches of the IT industry. Among other things, you can become a system developer, programmer, tester, project manager or application architect.



Software Development (top-up)

Education Level

Top-up Bachelor's degree - 90 ECTS points


1½ years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start








Content and structure

The education consists of nationally determined subjects which are:

  • Development of large systems
  • Databases for developers
  • System integration and tests

In addition, there are the local subjects which are:

  • Computer graphics
  • Computer game theory
  • Machine learning

All subjects have game development as a focal point, which is expressed, among other things, in exercises, examples, materials, and productions on the program for software developers.

The first semester of the software developer program focuses on artificial intelligence in games, near-machine optimization of software code, program testing and graphics programming The second semester focuses on large systems such as multiplayer platforms and game engines, data and its processing as well as system integration. The third and final semester consists of an internship and a final project.

In the curriculum,  you can read a detailed description of the education, its subject elements and exam forms. Including targets for knowledge, skills and competences.  

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