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Service and Experience Management

Service and experience management is an Academic Profession degree of 120 ECTS with a special focus on sports experiences. This education is offered on campus or online.

If you dream of working professionally with sports events in a tourism context, then our service and experience economist education with a specialization in Sport Management is just the thing for you.

With the degree, you can aim for a job in the sports, outdoor, and tourism industries, e.g. event manager, event coordinator, outdoor sports and recreation guide, professional sports and event administration, sports marketing, volunteer manager, resort manager or tourist agency manager.



Service and Experience Management

Education Level

Academic Profession degree - 120 ECTS points


2 years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start

August September







Content and structure

The Service and Experiences Management degree offers the opportunity to specialize in sports events in a tourism context. The Service and Experience Economist program combines theory and practice. The first semesters take place at the business academy. You will receive teaching in smaller groups - teaching that is oriented toward practical tasks you will face as a graduate. For example, there will be company visits and cases from business.

In the fourth and last semester, you have to do an internship, where the theories have to be put to the test, and after the internship, you only need the final assignment.


  • Services and Experiences

    Within this core area of ​​the training for service economist, you will learn about good hospitality and you will work to understand the needs and behavior of guests.

    You will gain knowledge about the development, supply and demand in the service and experience industry, including the development within sustainability in the service economy industry.

    You learn how, using creative techniques, you can design, develop, assess and plan both services and experiences, thereby gaining insight into how you can reach your target group with well-planned service design.

  • Cooperation and relationships

    As a Services and Experiences student, you learn how to build a network through collaboration and relationships. A network that you both contribute to and benefit from.

    In the service and experience industry, networks often cross borders, so you will learn about different cultures and the differences that can make a big difference.

    You will also learn about management, including, for example, how to recruit and retain volunteers and other employees.

  • Business understanding

    Is your business financially sustainable? That is the fundamental question, and you learn to analyze both internal and external factors concerning finding out whether there is a reasonable basis for your company's existence.

    Within this area of ​​the service economist education, you will work with the company's operations and learn to set a budget for companies in the service and experience industry.

  • Business development

    Within business development, you will work strategically with the development of all or parts of your company, including new services and experiences - for example, concepts or events.

    You will focus on analyzing the growth opportunities, including the financial opportunities, but also the consequences that the development will have for your organization and the activities that already exist.

    You will learn a lot of concepts and tools that you can use in practice to develop new and existing businesses in the right direction.

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