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Multimedia Designer

Multimedia Designer is an Academic Profession degree of 120 ECTS – giving you the tools to create digital design and production for future web solutions as well as digital content and communication.

Do you dream of working professionally with design processes and developing and coding digital user experiences? So the multimedia designer education paves the way for an exciting visual career.

The Multimedia design education opens up a wide range of opportunities within UX, UI, digital design, front-end development, digital communication, online marketing and content production. Among other things, you can become a Social Media Manager, UX/UI designer, Content Creator, front-end developer, and much more.



Multimedia Design

Education Level

Academic Profession Degree - 120 ECTS points


2 years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start

August September







Content and structure

The education in multimedia design is a combination of theory and practical experience. In the first three semesters of the education in multimedia design, the teaching takes place at the business academy. Here you will encounter both team teaching and project work - both practice-oriented and close to realityAmong other things, you will visit companies and meet cases from the real world.

In your last semester of the education in multimedia design, you will do an internship, where you will seriously test the theories in practice. After the internship, you must write the final assignment.

The training for multimedia designers is based on the same framework in Skive and Grenaa.
In Skive, the focus is on digital marketing and content creation, such as graphics and video for social media. In Grenaa (Dania GAMES), the starting point is to work with digital design and content creation for the games industry.


  • User interface development

    In social studies, we examine important social conditions based on the Danish welfare state. We also go a step deeper and work with concepts such as power, representation of interests, and politics, among other things. We do this to gain a basic understanding of the mechanisms at play in society's ongoing development.

    We also examine the framework for cooperation between the private and public sectors. All to enable you to enter into collaboration across disciplines and organizations.

  • User experience design

    User experiences are about the development of digital user experiences. Based on the user, you learn to work with tests and evaluations.

  • Content production

    Content production or content creation is about the production of content for digital media. You develop your understanding of digital media and relevant types of content and learn about the dissemination and use of data so that you create the best content.

  • Business

    Business is about using business models, data understanding and the company's basis for existence, so that you create better solutions. You will learn about the multimedia designer's role in a project.

  • Technology

    Technology is about the technologies included in digital media products and production for digital media.

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