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Marketing Management - visual marketing

Marketing Management - visual marketing is an Academic Profession degree of 120 ECTS – giving you the tools to work with creativity in marketing and communication.

Do you want to work with storytelling, visual communication, audiovisual production and video marketing? Then Marketing Management education within the visual direction is just the thing for you.

With an education in Marketing Management with a visual orientation, you can get various jobs within marketing, communication and storytelling in both Danish and international companies in many industries or start your own company.



Marketing Management

Education Level

Academic Profession Degree - 120 ECTS points


2 years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start

August September







Content and structure

The teaching alternates between theoretical knowledge and practical projects, which include both creative and academic subjects. And through the education, you develop a wide range of skills and knowledge within visual marketing, which equips you for a job in the field.

On the course, you will, among other things, receive teaching in project management, finance, international marketing, business law, sales, and communication.

In addition, there will be subjects such as Storytelling, Media Technology and Engineering, The Producer and Business Entrepreneurship as well as Artistic Methods and Communication.


  • Storytelling

    Storytelling focuses on classic dramaturgy and transmedia storytelling strategies in a marketing context. The content includes creative idea and concept development with a focus on creative work methods and their application in business strategies. It also covers presentation techniques such as pitching and idea and concept presentation in a commercial context. 

  • Media technology and engineering

    Media technology and engineering is organized based on digital film production. The focus is on media and production technology in theory and practice as well as in pre-production, production and post-production. The student will learn about the production phases and processes necessary to create high quality content.   

  • The Producer and business entrepreneurship

    The producer and business entrepreneurship focus has two areas: 1: Management of creative processes and 2: Entrepreneurship, business development and industry knowledge. The student will gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of the creative process, including facilitation and management of the innovative process from idea to final product.  

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