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Information Technology

Information Technology is an Academic Profession degree of 120 ECTS – giving you the tools to work professionally with networks, programming, and cyber security.

The Information Technology education gives you a basic IT education with a specialization in cyber security.

You will be trained to take up specific positions directly after graduation, such as security analyst, network specialist or application developer. And no - you don't have to be able to code to start the course. We'll have to teach you that.



IT Technology

Education Level

Academy Profession Degree - 120 ECTS points


2 years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start

August September







Content and structure

Our IT education combines theory and practice. The first 3 semesters take place at the business academy. Here, in the first year, you will receive an IT technology education, where you will encounter practice-oriented and realistic team teaching. Case and project work takes up more than classic blackboard teaching and the working methods reflect what you will encounter in the internship and later in the job.

In the third semester, you specialize in cyber security, and during the semester you will also be well prepared for both internships and future jobs through the subject Employability. In addition, you choose an elective subject that allows you to delve into a subject area that you are particularly interested in. 

In the fourth and final semester, you will do an internship, where the knowledge, skills and competences of the last year and a half come into play and are tested. After the internship, the main assignment follows. Here you work with a concrete and relevant problem - usually from your internship company. 


  • Network

    Network is a basic course in the infrastructure of a larger company, the focus will be on IP networks.
    When you have acquired the basic knowledge of IP networks, server technology, virtualization, automation and security are connected. You will work with Cisco network equipment, Windows servers.

  • Embedded systems/IoT

    Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things is a basic course in electronic components, their interaction and programming of the hardware. Here you will work with different types of Arduino, Raspberry Pi and program them in C, C++ and in the second semester Python. 

  • Programming

    Programming is relevant today, regardless of which IT function you will be playing in the future.
    During the basic education in programming, for example, Python 3 is used.

  • Company/organization

    One of the most important skills you learn on this course is how to act professionally in an organisation. You will learn to work with and carry out project management, change management and professional communication.

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