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Data Analytics

Do you want to be a specialist in reading and using data to create value and growth?

Do you want to be a data analyst or Big Data specialist? The professional bachelor's degree in Data Analytics gives you a broad knowledge of how to use data wisely and smartly in your field.

As a trained Data Analyst you will be able to find, analyze and use data to develop your business. There is a need for data analysts in every industry, and you will often find jobs in the field of expertise that you already know.



Data Analytics (top-up)




1½ years


3 months (in Denmark or abroad)








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Programme Structure

The top-up bachelor education in data analytics trains you both theoretically and practically. The first year you study at the Academy, where you are taught in teams with a practice-oriented approach to data analysis. Among other things, you will go on study trips and company visits, and you will also get practical cases from the real world.

In the third semester, as a student in data analytics, you will have to try out what you have learned at school through an internship. 


The program provides a total of 90 ECTS credits and is structured around these core areas:

- Scientific theory and data methods

- Machine Learning

- Data Visualisation

- Data in the behavior context

- Big Data

- Data system requirements and specification

- Law and ethics

- Process analysis

- Organizational data maturity analysis


In order to create the right balance between your theoretical knowledge and your ability to apply it in practice, you must spend three months as an intern in an organization. 

The internship experience will give you an insight on life in the real-business world after graduation.

To make it easier for you to find a suitable internship, we have created an internship portal which serves as a recruitment portal used by both students and companies.

Get more information

For more information about the Data Analytics study programme, please visit the page in Danish or send an inquiry to one of our secretaries.


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