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Computer Science

Do you want to develop apps, computer games or IT systems? The Computer Science study programme gives you a broad knowledge of programming and opens the door to a digital world where there is need for well-trained specialists in order to ensure future development.

As a graduate you can have several types of jobs in software and game programming. Your title can be anything from Software Developer, IT programmer, Business Developer and many more.



Computer Science

Educational level

Academy Profession, 150 ECTS


2½ years


3 months

Study start



Grenaa and Skive





Programme Structure

The Computer Science study programme is designed to combine theory with practice. The first 4 semesters take place at the academy where you will learn about the logistics industry through traditional teaching, case studies, company visits and group work.

In the fifth and last semester, theory will be applied in practice through a three-month internship in a company of your choice.

If you will choose to study Computer Science at Dania GAMES in Grenaa, which is part of Game Hub Denmark (LINK) and located in Denmark's Game Development Capital, teaching will be based on computer games development. You will be introduced to the same subjects and subjects as in Skive, just based on the game and game world.

The program provides a total of 150 ECTS credits and is structured around these core areas:

    • Programming
    • System Development
    • Technology
    • Company


In addition to the core areas, you will be able to choose elective elements in order to specialize in your desired direction. Specializations include Game Development and Software Development.


In order to create the right balance between your theoretical knowledge and your ability to apply it in practice, you must spend three months as an intern in an organization. The internship experience will give you an insight on life in the real-business world after graduation.

To make it easier for you to find a suitable internship, we have created an internship portal which serves as a recruitment portal used by both students and companies.

Get more information

For more information about the Computer Science study programme, please visit the page in Danish or send an inquiry to one of our secretaries.


Campus Director
Programme Coordinator Multimedia Design