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Computer Science

Computer Science is an Academic Profession degree that will give you all the tools to develop the IT systems and computer games of the future.

Do you want to develop apps, computer games, or IT systems? The education as a computer scientist, in English Computer Science, gives you a broad knowledge of programming and opens the door to a digital world, where there is a strong need for specialists to ensure future development.

As a graduate, you can get various jobs in programming software and games. Your title can be anything from software developer, programmer, IT consultant, system developer to game programmer and entrepreneur.



Computer Science

Education Level

Academic Profession degree - 150 ECTS points


2½ years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start

August September


Grenaa and Skive





Content and structure

The computer science education is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. The first 4 semesters of the education take place at the academy, where you are taught in groups both theoretical and practical aspects of the core areas of the educationAmong other things, you will visit companies and meet practical cases from the business world.

In the fifth and last semester of the computer science degree, you must do an internshipHere you get the chance to test your theoretical knowledge in practice. After the internship, you must write the final assignment.


  • Programming

    Programming is the largest area of ​​the education, and here you learn how to program up-to-date and modern IT systems.

    You learn to construct IT systems, including games or apps, using modern and up-to-date techniques and methods.

  • System development

    Within system development, you learn about the underlying processes, analyzes and development methods that you need when programming larger IT solutions. 

    You also learn how you can ensure the right quality in both the development work and the final product.

  • Technology

    In the technology area of ​​the education for computer scientists, you gain a thorough knowledge of various technologies within operating systems, database systems, and networks, so that you can assess technology choices in connection with the development of various IT systems.

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