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Automation Technology

Are you interested in robotics and automation? Sign up for an Academic Profession degree of 120 ECTS in Automation Technology.

Would you like to work in an industry where the technological possibilities are developing rapidly? And would you like an education with attractive job opportunities? Then the automation technologist degree might be the right choice for you.

Companies now and in the future make high demands on efficiency and quality. And there will be an ever-increasing need for people who can automate virtually all workflows. Therefore, as an automation technologist, you can, for example, work as a programmer, project manager, technical advisor, or self-employed. Many companies today specialize in the field of industrial automation and act as external specialists/suppliers of automation solutions in the country and abroad. With this programme you can become an active and attractive part of the automation industry.



Automation Technologist

Education Level

Academic Profession degree - 120 ECTS points


2 years


3 months SU-eligible internship

Study Start

August September







Content and structure

The Automation Technology education combines theory and practice. The first 3 semesters take place at the business academy. Here you will receive teaching in groups that are practice-oriented and close to reality. You will, for example, visit companies and meet cases from the real world that prepare you to work with automation technology, including robotics.


  • Design, programming and construction

    You learn about technology optimization, control structure, and development of monitoring systems.

    Programming is the core of the education and regardless of whether you have knowledge of programming languages ​​or it is completely new, the education equips you with basic and advanced programming skills.

  • Robotics and project development

    You learn about the different robot types, configurations and the challenges and possibilities of programming a robot.

    You will receive training in our robot lab, where you will work with programming different types of robot arms, vision systems and communication systems for integrating robots into production lines.

  • System design

    You gain knowledge about data processing, data exchange, and how to program the user interface of an HMI "Human Machine Interface", which is the link between the user and the PLC.

    You learn to design SCADA systems that collect data and control entire plants, where the design and configuration of the user interface is appropriate for the user.

  • Project management

    You gain knowledge within project management methods, innovation and business understanding, where you learn to use planning and management tools.

    You gain skills to handle creative processes in connection with idea and concept development and can manage/participate in projects in an interdisciplinary collaboration.

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