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Everything is fantastic! Starting with the teachers who are skillful and provide us with support and care. Apart from the academic skills, we also get taught every day about how to work in groups, how to share the work and knowledge with each other. The Danish education system has left us amazed.

Manisha Dhon Tamang from Kathmandu Nepal

I am happy to be part of the Dania Academy who is offering me the possibility to be part of the Danish education system. I have learned so many things in this system. I am not scared anymore to ask the professors. My studies are very practical compared to what I was used to. In Nepal, we learned a lot of theories without practicing it. Now it is the opposite. We work with real case companies.

Manisha Tamang from Jhapa, Nepal

I just love the way we study. Education is the foundation of life, and this is the life I dream of. It is brilliant to study within Dania Academy. The program fits all my expectations and even exceeds them. I don’t feel pressure anymore when I want to speak about what is on my mind. This is all part of getting the bigger picture.

Nikesh, Kathmandu, Nepal

Here I can convert the theory and practice I have learned into real work while gaining international experience. I help the company with market research, contacting customers and business partners. I also assist on developing and creating the best possible marketing strategies.

Suvethini Kandasamy

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I decided to go to Vietnam for my internship. My international experience has grown me both professionally and personally. During the internship, I take care of social media and digital marketing. Vietnamese people are very open and positive, I think this is the nicest nation I have ever met.

Izabella Wenderska from Poland

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Dania Academy has a very good academic reputation and it is well known for its social activities. I enjoy their teaching style that combines both theory and practice. I would like to say I made one of the best decisions ever by choosing to continue my studies at Dania Academy. It meets my academic, financial and social needs.

Amatur Rahman

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