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There are several good reasons why you should choose a Hybrid Degree. At Dania Academy, you can study Marketing Management as a Hybrid Degree Programme. Find out what is a Hybrid Degree and what is the programme structure below.



Academy Profession (120 ECTS)


Online and Seminars in Singapore

Study Start

August and January


17500 USD for the entire programme



Admission Requirements

Please check the full requirements HERE.

What are Hybrid Degrees

Hybrid Degree programmes offer you the opportunity to combine the best of online and on-campus learning experiences. This type of course will enable you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.



This format allows you to take advantage of the convenience of learning online, while benefiting from the practical hands-on learning of our on-
campus classrooms.

The Hybrid Degrees at Dania Academy are designed with a blend of learning techniques, including a 3-month internship and four 2-week seminars in Singapore.

Hybrid Degree Programme Structure

Hybrid Degrees have a unique structure. Unlike online courses, hybrid degrees are specially designed to mix the flexibility of interactive learning with valuable on-campus components. 

The courses will start with an introductory seminar which will take place in SINGAPORE and will last for 2 weeks.

During the start-up camp you will meet your teachers in person, be introduced to the learning platform and the tools you will use throughout your studies. You will also participate in specially organised activities and will be given detailed information, relevant to your studies.

Following the Start-up seminar, you will proceed with online learning.

During your studies, you will be required to attend 3 more seminars in SINGAPORE.

Your last semester will consist of an INTERNSHIP and a final exam project.

And last, but not least, upon successful completion, you will be invited to a graduation ceremony in Singapore to celebrate your success. 

All graduates of the Hybrid Degree programme will also be invited to an on-campus graduation ceremony in one of our 8 physical campuses in DENMARK.

The benefits of Hybrid Degrees

  • Real-life applicable business Skills

    Possessing business skills means seeing the big picture of organizational and consumer behavior. It also means being aware of the needs of others and the resources available to meet those needs. It takes more than technical and learned skills to be successful in the field. You will gain a variety of soft and hard skills to succeed in a business role.

  • 21st century skills
    • Complex Problem Solving
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Coordinating with others
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Judgement and decision making
    • Negotiation
    • Service Orientation
    • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Flexible learning design

    A hybrid degree enables you to maintain a healthy work-life balance through its flexible learning design, improved learning experiences, and learning outcomes resulting from evidence-based and technology-enabled teaching methods. In addition, regardless of the time of day, on campus or off: flexible learning delivers more scheduling options.

  • Working on real business cases

    To ensure high quality and relevance in the taught material, hybrid degrees from Dania Academy include case work with real businesses. Businesses can help provide a more rigorous and skills-based curriculum, highlighting employability skills like teamwork, communication, and presentation skills among others. In addition, working directly with companies will enable students to build a network.

    Relationships are not only important in the job market, but also to their personal lives.

  • Interactive Sessions

    Interactive Sessions are enjoyable, fun, and engaging and they bring flexibility and convenience in learning.

    Through interactive sessions the student-teacher engagement will enable the student to boost their performance in the end. More importantly, this type of teaching allows learners not only to learn by interacting but also to develop positive feelings about achieving knowledge and innovate skills.

  • Collaboration Skills

    Collaboration is essential in almost all aspects of life and work. Nearly every imaginable job in business today entails at least some joint effort among members of a team working together collaboratively. This makes cooperation an essential skill in most sectors of the professional world. 

  • Further Education

    Graduating from a Hybrid Degree from Dania Academy qualifies you for further studies. You can, for example, apply for a Top-up education at Dania in Denmark (full time on campus studies), or anywhere else in the world with one of our trusted university partners.

    You can see a full list of institutional partners HERE.

  • Job opportunities

    A degree in Marketing Management is a good step towards a vibrant and creative career in the marketing and communication world.

    These are possible career options:

    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Sales-, Export- or Marketing Assistant
    • Social Media Coordinator
    • Information Officer
    • Sales Trainee
    • Account Executive
    • Advertising/Promotion Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Copywriter
    • Digital Marketer
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Production manager

Study Marketing Management

By joining the Marketing Management Hybrid Degree programme, you will get a high quality and top accredited Scandinavian education.

The Marketing Management program is the ONLY accredited program outside Scandinavia where you can get a full undergraduate degree.

The topics, which will be covered in the program, are: Marketing, Communication, Business analysis , Market analysis, Relevant laws, Business development and much more...


  • Executive Management

    With the Executive specialization you will study subjects such as Business Economics where you will learn how business statistics and business economics can strengthen the quality of strategic and marketing decisions. For example how an advertisement affects projected sales and how the production should be adapted to this.

  • International Business Development

    With the Development specialization, you will learn about development in emerging and near markets, innovation, Supply Chain Management, business development and business culture.

  • Applied Promotion

    With the Promotion specialization, you will learn about modern marketing communication with focus on branding, social media, PR, strategic communication, sales, and journalism.

Important Information

In the event of a global pandemic due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, the structure of the studies may alter. This means that the Singapore seminars can/may be skipped under force majeure clauses for global health emergencies. Please note that this important message is only valid for the seminar part of the education. The online/distance learning part of the course remains unchanged and will not be affected in the case of a global pandemic.

We will keep you updated and please feel free to write to us if you have any concerns. 

Meet your Hybrid Degrees teachers