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Unique Scandinavian Education

Dania Academy is one of nine accredited Academies of higher education in Denmark. The Academy offers on-campus full-time, part-time higher education programmes as well as hybrid degrees.

The ONLY accredited Scandinavian Hybrid Degrees

With 8 physical campuses in Denmark and vast experience in offering fully-accredited higher education programmes in Denmark to students from 33 countries, Dania Academy is committed to developing a digital campus through Hybrid Degrees. 

Every student comes to us with a different set of circumstances. We’ve taken into account that educational needs, schedules, transportation requirements, and budget constraints are factors that help determine where you earn or finish your degree. Dania Academy prides itself in providing flexible learning formats that will work around your busy schedule in the form of Hybrid Degrees.

Dania Academy is the only accredited Scandinavian higher education institution to offer Hybrid Degree programmes. 



Dania Academy is owned by the Danish government and accredited by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In the national institutional accreditation Dania Academy achieved top marks in all 5 categories. That achievement is only matched by three other institutions in Denmark.

This means we top 10% of the Danish higher educational institutions.

Why do we not have a QS, Times Higher, or similar ranking?  Those rankings focus to large extend on research and publication of the research in the “right” academic journals, which are only read by other academics. We focus teaching our students skills that make a difference in the real world, and would therefore never be ranked highly, even though our students are very sought after by employers.

The ranking we care about is provided by the fact that we have a hundred percent success rate in our students getting relevant internships during their education, and more than ninety percent of our graduates have employment/continues studies just a few months after graduating (

We focus on providing top quality to our students, not the “dusty” academic journals.


Senior Lecturer
Erhvervsakademi Dania

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