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Financial Matters

Find out about fees, student-related expenses and many more practicalities.


The payment for the program is linked with the physical seminars that are held in Singapore. The first seminar will provide you with the tools to become a successful international student.


When you complete all the mandatory assignments in during the semester you will be eligible to join the end-of-semester seminar that include the exams. Here you will meet all your classmates and professors in a fun and challenging environment where the focus is bringing all the tools and theories to life in relation to a current case.


The attendance in the camps are a prerequisite for joining the following semester teachings. During the semester we provide you with guidance on mandatory assignments, but we also have a group of validated tutors associated which can provide you with additional guidance and help for a small fee.

TUITION FEE for the Marketing Management Hybrid Degree

  • Marketing Management
    • Admission, incl startup seminar - 3000 USD
    • End of 1st Semester seminar in Singapore - 4000 USD
    • End of 2nd Semester seminar in Singapore - 4000 USD
    • End of 3rd Semester seminar in Singapore - 4000 USD
    • Graduation Semester - 2500 USD


    Total Price for the study programme (2 years):

    17.500 USD (+ relevant taxes)


Student related expenses

Students must finance their own: accommodation and travels costs + literature + other expenses in connection to the seminars in Singapore.


As a Hybrid Degree student, you have the possibility of receiving a scholarship. Currently, the Academy offers merit-based scholarships to 10% of the enrolled students. For more information about amounts and conditions, please contact our Hybrid Degrees student administration.


Senior Lecturer
Erhvervsakademi Dania