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Why does Hybrid Degrees offer a Life Coach for its students?

At Hybrid Degrees, we recognize the challenge of studying and having a balanced life at the same time. Therefore, our Hybrid Degrees students have access to a life coach during their studies. But what is a life coach?
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You know how sport coaches show you techniques & tactics, train your muscles and your confidence for matches. The Life Coach helps you identify your goals, your purpose in life, and gives you the techniques & tactics to reach those goals successfully. How can (s)he do that? The coach focuses on your strengths and helps you identify your weakest points. During this process, (s)he helps you compensate for those weak points by teaching you methods and tools so you can lead yourself in a great future.


A life coach looks at your present to make you shine in the future. At Hybrid Degrees, the life coach function is used to support the students with time management, guide them through group works, conflicts, self-development, emotional intelligence. A life coach will also give you homework.
Nothing comes for free.

Yes, that is right, a life coach will tell you to do your homework for the next meeting, and get your scheduled things done!



They expect you to improve with the time, hear their advice and to take immediate action.

With a life coach provided by Hybrid Degrees exclusively for their students, they improve their creativity, flexibility, positive behavior, and what is most important guarantees them an academic success throughout their studies and beyond.

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