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What are soft skills and how can you develop them with Hybrid Degrees?

Nowadays the markets have shown a significant need and importance of soft skills. You hear it social media, on your workplace, and probably in your community. But what are soft skills?
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Simply put, soft skills are the essence of success in a workplace and personal life. Soft skills are personality traits and characteristics that directly influence your interaction with the external environment. These skills have a broad impact on your relationships, teamwork, leadership abilities, time management skills, communication, and empathy traits. The ‘’World Economic Forum’’ estimated that creativity, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence would be the most required skills in the new decade we entered.

How much are education structures doing about this? As many observations concluded, the support universities offer towards this area is relatively low and quite new, thus harming the student’s future in the labor market.


How do these skills affect you in your personal and professional life? Interacting with people either in a workplace or other social circles requires some level of soft skills. Working in a company, you will often find yourself negotiating for a new contract, sales, or a new idea and the lack of soft skills will strongly limit your potential to communicate, build trust & empathy, and get your deals done. But developing strong communication abilities, analytical thinking will assist in smoothly connecting, negotiating with others, and build leadership skills. A positive influence also in personal life.


Hybrid Degrees was created at its genesis with the purpose of not only increasing awareness, but practicing these skills daily through group work, interactive sessions, and life coaching support on the side.


Studying the Marketing Management Programme surely equips you with the most wanted soft skills in the market. But what and how do you develop them?

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Listening & Collaboration
With the Hybrid Degrees Programme, you develop the ability to actively listen and hear out teammate’s ideas in group projects thus practice collaboration and understanding each-other.

Communication & Empathy
Communication is the key; especially when you study the Hybrid Degrees Programme you will interfere with different cultures, and generate empathy, respect, and develop communication skills, which will allow you and your group to provide great results and a high grade in the final exams.


Hybrid Degrees is all about balance, flexibility, and soft skills. So are the final project exams. You will work within groups for months and work closely together. This kind of method teaches you how to negotiate in your group.


Creativity & Analytical Thinking
Creativity is always part of marketing and business minds. But what is creativity without practicing analytical thinking? In this case, Hybrid Degrees provides the proper support and tools for students to develop these skills during the programme on live session classes and group work.

Time Management
Hybrid Degrees has a specific and exclusive approach towards the digital student. Understanding the need of time and how to manage it, is crucial in our lives, and Hybrid Degrees provides to his students the life coach support to assist them both professionally and personally in their set up goals.

Problem-Solving & Decision Making
During project work in a team, students will interact with problems throughout the time, that will require decision making in a short time and figuring out the best suitable solutions to the problems either professional but also on personal levels. The good news, Hybrid Degrees staff is specifically trained and experienced in supporting the students with the right mindset and tools.

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