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The right question to ask at education fairs

Choosing an education is as important as it feels. It is a step closer to reach your dreams and make them real. But this path has some bumps you need to get through.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

One of the very first steps is choosing between thousands of universities and educations that are available to you. The world is full of them! But how do you know which one to choose? How do you know if you have enough information to choose from?

It is simple but not easy. Attending fairs and online exhibitions is the real deal nowadays. It is the place where you look at these universities eye to eye and speak directly your truths. ....

The first typical questions are of course, where they are from, what degrees they offer, and how many semesters you will study. But it does not stop here. You need to ask what is so special about that school and why you should choose it. "Special" for businesses and universities are their main unique selling points that you need to hear for sure.


You may also want to know how many classmates you will have and where are they mostly from. Student life is known to be complicated, so you would like to know if there is any academic support or health professionals.


Nowadays it is seen as crucial for students, to see a life coach who supports them all the way through with their guidance. As we tend to forget, learning methods are continuously changing, so it is worth asking what learning methods they apply and how will you learn from them.


International studies include internship semesters, but it is not only about it, but you may also want to hear if there is any other special learning method apart from the traditional heavy books that most of them, will read for you on your first day of university. ...


Artiklen fortsætter under billedet

Networking and making new friends mostly happens when you become part of a new circle. But the circle of education works differently. You would probably like to hear about the study life, the community, and some concrete cases with it. Community is where you really connect with people who share different mindsets but all united.

After graduation school’s support is very important to know, together with which students do really succeed in their education and who typically does not make it until the end. At this point, you can evaluate whether you are the team-work spirit, or a party one. ...

Now you should be more confident. Go grab the best opportunity!

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