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The importance of languages

Why speaking more than one language is always so appreciated?
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We have heard about people who speak a lot of languages, and that is of course a great competitive advantage one can have. 

Why languages are always part of CV and conversations with people we just met?

The more nationalities we meet, the more we understand that speaking someone’s native language is the most direct cultural connection.

Businesses nowadays are growing and expanding exponentially, and what is better than learning the language of a country you want to sell your products to?

Business and technology have taught us that we can reach high levels of intelligence by adapting to these changes, it has often required learning other languages.



In addition, speaking more than one language has cognitive benefits. People who are part of this group, have a good memory, enhanced concentration, and are better listeners. Many other treats come with it such as boosted confidence, perspective, knowledge about other cultures, and better work-life options.

Knowing foreign languages can grow someone's network, making it easier to connect with new people from different cultures and make new friends. By growing both personal and professional networks, someone can experience a better social life and the Hygge feeling that comes from a healthy work-life balance.

Studies have shown that polyglots have better test scores in core subjects while they are students. Furthermore, the range of career options is wider, while having more advantages at the workplace, for example, the possibility to advance in a career, a bigger salary, or travel for work.

Are you one of them seeing the world differently and if not, are you ready to become one?

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