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Study trips: where fun and learning meet

The International Hospitality Management students took part in a study trip in Denmark where they had the chance to learn about the newest research methods of Service Design while visiting some of Denmark’s most beautiful locations.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

As a tradition at Dania Academy, during the first week of school, the students start to know each other and their teachers and take part in interactive and fun classes combined with socializing games. The International Hospitality Management students spent 2 days on a study trip to the historical city of Ebeltoft, which is a destination preferred by Danish and International tourists. 


A lot to learn from study trips


The purpose of the study trips is to introduce the students to the general field of Hospitality Management and get a clear picture from the beginning. Methods such as stakeholder maps, service safaris and mobile ethnography were part of the program.

We worked a lot with the notion of feedback. It is important that the students become better at giving constructive feedback to each other. At Dania, we believe that learning does not only come directly from the lectures, but also from listening to other people’s opinions and experiences.

Simon Lind Fischer, International Hospitality Management lecturer

An important reason why study trips are organized is that the students have the opportunity to network, helping both the International and Danish students to connect and consolidate their relationships and to create a good atmosphere in the class.

‘’It was a great experience. We socialized and got to know each other better, while having a good time together as a team’’, says Cristina Ioana Comsa, International Hospitality Managament student.

During their study trip, the students also visited the castle ruins Kalø, another important touristic destination, and participated in a presentation called ’the National Park Hospitality Network’, that was held at Mols Bjerge National Park, who’s objectives are to preserve, strengthen and develop nature.

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