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Physical Campus VS Online degrees

Where is the future taking us? During the crisis all the arrows have been pointing towards online setups, remote jobs, and online educations, but what are people really thinking about it? How do our students feel about it?
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Nikesh from Nepal, a Marketing Management student from our Campus Viborg, explains the best of both worlds. During the pandemic lockdown, he discovered his love to study also online by breaking the routine of participating in physical classes. 

Little do you know that Hybrid Degrees is all about that and why is it called a Hybrid after all. Our programme is a Hybrid because of its blended learning nature. You get to study off-campus and on physical seminars in Singapore every semester start for two weeks.

But why are all these degrees going on nowadays? Is it because we prefer convenience? Or is it because we are just getting smarter and understanding that time is equal to money.

The National Center for Education Statistics monitored the recent data and discovered that last year, 5.4 million students in the world chose to be smart! They chose to study remotely.

And it is not only the flexibility and life balance these students get, but these degrees provide freedom to either speed up or slow down on their learning process, separating them drastically from traditional ones, where everyone should follow the same steps.

Physical or Online? It is known the fact it can be frustrating to study online, but you can still travel the world while getting an international degree and maintain your job.

Campus-based degrees follow the same traditional way of learning, making students nowadays less appealing to the labor market which separates them from innovative mindsets and less adaptive to changes. From Apple to Microsoft, tech giants believe that online graduates are the difference they have been looking for. Why? Simply because as a Hybrid graduate you will earn & learn time management skills, organization abilities, group-work, conflict management, and many other skills.

Take a closer look at choosing the best for yourself. We exist to help you!

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