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Meet Paulius, Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees' newest intern

Paulius Petrušauskas is a Marketing Management student from our Campus Viborg. He comes from Lithuania and loves to travel.
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Paulius started out his interest in business through Dania Academy's studies and realized that it is what he sees himself doing in the future as well.

Paulius is doing his internship at Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees, where he spends most of the time doing observations, data gathering, analyzing customer behavior, and profiles.

Paulius has other important tasks as well. He is also takes care of customer support for the Hybrid Degrees programme. Every day he reaches out tens of students who need support in finding their dream education.



My experience at Dania Academy was and is more than I initially expected. The teamwork, community, and the way of teaching made me grow in this field. I feel confident about my skills, especially because of my internship. What's next? Starting my own business!

Paulius Petrušauskas, Marketing Intern

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