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Mastering hostmanship with an internship in Denmark

A Hospitality Management education, an inquisitive spirit and the love for hostmanship made 20-year old Lara Sasko from Croatia choose an internship in a family run bed & breakfast in Denmark.
Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

The hotel industry has developed into a highly complex branch of the economy. This also means that there is a high demand for highly trained personnel who can make guests feel welcome. Hospitality and Tourism Management student, Lara Sasko chose to experience the Danish hospitality management industry as part of her internship.

Although it was difficult to accommodate in the beginning, now I feel more comfortable in Denmark, so I decided to stay here for an internship. I thought of it as a good experience through which I will learn more about Denmark and the hotel industry. I would like to acquire more knowledge about building successful customer relations and working in management teams.

Lara Sasko, Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Student

Never a dull day

When she started looking for an internship, Lara was afraid that she might not be ready yet for the challenge, but once she started at AB Centrum in Randers, she immediately realised the importance of practical training.

‘’It was scary in the beginning, but then I remembered why I chose to study in Denmark in the first place: because I wanted to experience an education system that combines theory with practice with the aim of preparing us for our future career’’, says Lara.

Lara has various tasks such as welcoming guests, checking booking reservations and making sure the place is clean and tidy. Her daily tasks change frequently.

''I especially like the atmosphere here at AB Centrum because it allows me to express myself freely and to share my ideas with my coworkers. I get a lot of responsibilities and it's challenging, but at the same time very exciting'', says Lara.

Artiklen fortsætter under billedet

Being open is key

The Hospitality and Tourism Management student quickly found the key to an internship in Denmark.

‘’Being upfront and honest is very important. Danes really appreciate that. At the same time, being open about yourself and your expectations will avoid misunderstandings and you will be treated fairly. But it’s important to remember that it is always a two-way street. I think it has a lot to do with the Danish culture‘’, says Lara who has always been passionate about travelling, cultural understanding and languages.  

In addition, Lara believes that for a successful internship experience, the choice of company is important.

Find a company that will benefit you somehow, whether you will gain experience, it will look good on your CV or it will bring you financial rewards. Depends what you want to accomplish from your internship. My goal was to learn more about hostmanship and the hotel industry in Denmark, reason why I chose to stay here and practise my new knowledge in the Danish hospitality sector.

Lara Sasko, Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Student

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