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How to prepare for an interview

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Erhvervsakademi Dania

Interviews will always be part of our lives. What is important, is learning how to manage these stressful minutes of examinations. The types of interviews change for one another but its essential is on learning to know the person who wants to join a specific community. For schools in this case, it is important to assess the academic quality, behavior, values, ethics and commitments of the applicant.

1. The first most important advice: Be on time!

There is nothing more irritating then waiting for someone else. It shows the first signs of your commitment and desire to become part of that community.

2. Be flexible when arranging a meeting.

Most of the meetings tend to happen in school or work hours therefore, you need to consider on being flexible and saying Yes if getting the chance of going into an interview.

3. Take a good night sleep the day before.

Sleep is like a refreshment for our brains. Sleep prevents stressful moments, irritation and assures relaxation of muscles.

4. Dress properly

5. Do Not Worry if you are nervous.

After all, we are all humans, all the same. We all at some time of our lives have been nervous about things and have messed up. Therefore, accepting and letting it go is the best decision. Understanding it is a biological response that you are not responsible for.

6. Do not over-explain

Often happens we over-speak. It is quite crucial to take your time and breaths thus oxygen before giving an answer. Taking your time before speaking means you are under control and self-confident. Do not dig into small details.

7. Make sure you know enough about the place you are being interviewed for

Knowing shows commitment. But asking shows even more interest and desire to become part of it.

8. Always be honest and polite

Honesty is a value appreciate throughout the world in every society. It is important to address your thoughts and experiences politely and with maturity. Turn off your phone!

9. Be prepared to talk negative and positive things about yourself

It is important that you reveal also your weak points, it will help you improve them with the time and get the right job place in the future.

10. Prepare a paper with the most potential questions and answers. Be genuine when writing them down.

It will be useful for you to have an overall idea of what the interview can potentially be about. Write a few questions and answer down and try to improve the answers every time you look at them.


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