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How Hybrid Degrees is applying the Scandinavian great model

Artiklen fortsætter under billedet
Erhvervsakademi Dania

Every country applauds the Nordic model. Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have one of the highest economic productivity, high social equality and levels of happiness. Some say it because of the generous welfare and others say it is because of high market openness. These Nordic countries established a strong economy they took off after 1870 which was long before the welfare got established. What really assisted in this growth was the age-long outstanding educational policy.

Artiklen fortsætter under billedet

About the 19th-century Nordic leaders did something remarkable for their people. Something that other countries were not able to see neither to apply. They realized that if they were to develop in all the prospects, they had to create a successful model of education called “folk schools”. In that way, they would come to achieve not only educational knowledge but also amusing time while living for a few months together in a small community. This concept and idea emerged in the 1830s and its father is N.F.S. Grundtvig – a Danish theologian, writer, philosopher and politician.

A key to their success was looking at the education differently than many other countries still do. Approaching such concept and ideas helped these countries maintain a healthy society who can see the relations between themselves, community and society as a whole.

The Nordic model works hard on developing the student’s internal awareness meaning this, helping them understand the emotions, their capabilities and skills.

For them it is important to understand that people grow through different phases in life and it requires attention and assistance to succeed with such a society they have nowadays. Also, in their sense of joking between each other, they tend to use the society responsibility as a ground sense. Not surprisingly they have no corruption rates neither homeless people who did not choose to live their life that way.


When looking at this development model, Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees, came to senses that if this model can be applied in Nordic countries, can as well help other societies to grow with the same heartbeat rate while giving the people the right to practice immediately what they are taught and train people with the right job skills. It’s what the Scandinavian model has been teaching for years in generations, that the personal and professional development comes through stages with the right tools and assistance by the academic staff.

Inspired by David Brooks and Hybrid Degrees

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