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Denmark, a leader in Innovation

Denmark, a Scandinavian country, in Northern Europe, no bigger than 42.933 km², is distinguished as one of the most innovative countries, not only in Europe as the first, but also in worldwide rankings as the Top Ten.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

Danish society has embraced technology since its early steps and has made a culture out of it. Now businesses operating in Denmark find it easy to operate and to develop new strategies or business models.

Denmark was ranked first place in Europe as the most digital country, practically & technically, followed by Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Amongst the highlighted industries and highly developed areas, was undoubtedly the education sector. The Danish government has spent quite a budget on this sector and others, to improve the R&D and develop new branches.

The fact that this country still remains on top of the rankings, makes it attractive for big investors and business titans such as Apple. This does not only attract the most skilled professionals in the labor market but is also a big push in expanding the education quality levels to limits that cannot be compared with.

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