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Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees tackles the negative impact of COVID-19

The pandemic has affected everyone. All around the world, like never before, the universities are facing an extreme downturn into recruiting students. Many are closing their doors forever due to bankruptcy and many others are trying to survive by customizing their programmes. In a world of uncertainty, there is a solution for everyone: Hybrid Degrees by Dania Academy.
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Erhvervsakademi Dania

Although universities around the world have tried to bring their studies online, a lot of them have been facing a lack of experience, tools, and strategic planning, in order to afford this immediate change, bringing dissatisfaction among the students.

But, as a student, there is always something you can do for your future and that is moving towards the quality, the change, and the unique degrees that are exclusively created for purposes of flexibility, even when the world stops spinning.

Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees has implemented its unique degree mainly in Asian countries, offering the students an international study program that allows them to build a future, a network, and skills for the labor market.

This degree offers strategic learning that combines all the methods and subjects together. The students learn through real company cases with worldwide known brands and during their studies they tackle the real problems, using the knowledge taught from school. Hybrid Degrees is built with a unique approach towards digital learning, avoiding thus the outdated model of "online school" and creating instead a model that allows students to interact with the teachers and attend the classes live with their lectors.

This model allows students to reflect, ask questions during classes, and interact with their classmates as in physical classes. Another good thing about this unique type of degree is that the students can access the recorded classes if they miss one.

As Hybrid Degrees recognizes the needs of the students to be engaged with fellow mates and supervised during classes, the strategic learning includes group work, where the students work together in specific cases and bring up together a final exam project, making them responsible and active daily during the studies.

What is more, Hybrid Degrees is an accredited and international degree, which enables the students the possibility to move abroad into exchange semesters for the additional experience or join our physical campuses in Denmark. That's right! When the pandemic is over, you might as well choose to study an Erasmus+ exchange program in Germany, UK, or in your favorite country.

Hybrid Degrees has seen a success until now with students choosing the right path, and we are encouraging you to do the same: to use the opportunity of becoming part of something great.


Would you like to know more? Fill in this link and you will be contacted within 24h from the Hybrid Degrees team.

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